Pro Era Crew’s Selector Freestyle

I’m admittedly a huge fan of Pitchfork’s ongoing “Selector” series of videos. The basic premise is simple: take an MC or group of MC’s, play two unconventional beats for them, and have them freestyle over the one that they like the most. The series has had some great moments including Curren$y flowing over Gold Panda’s “Heaps” and DJ Quik destroying Loyal Divide’s “Vision Vision”. Essentially the greatness of the Selector videos lie in the way that they showcases each artists diversity and display their talents in a new light.

That is not the case with Selector’s latest episode however. In the newest feature Joey Bada$$ and his Pro Era crew freestyle over a beat that would sound completely at home on Joey’s latest mixtape 1999. The beat, Nick Wiz’s “Overdrive”, proves to be a perfect encapsulation of the Pro Era crew’s sound (revivalist 90’s NY Rap) and instead of bringing out something different from the group it plays to their strengths. It gives this Selector the welcome feel of a Lyricist Lounge-era freestyle. Check the video below:


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